Think personal shopping is only for the rich and famous or do you dislike to go shopping or have no time? Think again.

Everyone could use a little help when it comes to selecting clothes. Take the stress out of shopping by shopping with us. Whether you are shopping for the perfect evening gown or building an entire wardrobe, personal shopping is quick, we are fast, efficient and ready to shop with you at your favourite stores. We will pull clothes that flatter you and your personal style and body shape.

A JS Happening consultant creates a shopping list, finds the clothes and delivers the items to your closet. The first shopping trip is most effective when the client accompanies the consultant to insure proper fit.

This is the most popular service we provide for the male client. Most men just want to look good in their clothes. The key is finding the right clothes that can be mixed and matched with little or no thought.

Need it badly, love it madly, or don’t buy it!
Let us help you eliminate all those costly mistakes you purchase each season. How many items of clothing hang in your closet but never see the light of day? We will help you save time and money with each shopping experience.

On a tight budget?
Each personal shopping experience will be tailored to your pocketbook. Our consultants will select stores that meet your budget and clothing needs.

Get ready for the most productive and pampered shopping experience of your life!

Turn your first impression into one of your greatest assets

We will help you to cultivate a professional or updated appearance.We will evaluate, improve, enhance, update, or upgrade your appearance.


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